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Bodybuilding And Sex!

As humans, we naturally have needs, and sex is one
of the most important ones in a human life. Since
we’re all bodybuilders, we aim to gain weight and have the body of our dreams so several questions keep crossing our mind: what is the relationship between bodybuilding and sex? Does our sex life affect our mass building? And many other questions related to the subject of sex and bodybuilding.

Zinc As A Connection Between Bodybuilding And Sex

First of all, what we should know is that whenever a man has an orgasm a substance called zinc is released by the body in the semen. It is a nutrient that is responsible for proper sperm growth and it is closely related to testosterone level. Zinc is one of the most critical connections between bodybuilding and sex. Why? Because zinc has an important role in developing and growing muscles, actually when the zinc levels are low in the body, your libido happens to be more noticeably low as well as your ability of generating more lean muscle mass.

Zinc can be found in several foods such as oysters, shellfish, wheat germ, liver, cashews, pine nuts and pecan nuts. So in order to prevent getting a low sex drive, try to add these foods to your diet because not only they’ll keep your sex drive level high but they’ll also make you progressing and achieving your aims of muscle building.

Sex And Strength

After having sex most of us feel very relaxed and want to fall asleep, at this point your body releases a very high quantity of oxytocin that relaxes you and makes you feel weaker than before having sex. However, if you want that your body gets back to its usual hormonal levels you only have to wait enough time (3 to 4 hours) and then you can work out easily.

Testosterone As A Correlation Between Bodybuilding And Sex

In addition to the issue of zinc levels, testosterone is closely related to the act of bodybuilding and sex. How?

At first, we all know that more often men are having sex the more their libido (sex drive) levels are high. Also studies have shown that the more your testosterone levels are high the more you’re interested in having sex and thus your libido is impacted positively. So when you have sex you’ll help building a reinforcement and maintain the cycle (because libido levels and testosterone levels has a mutual impact on each other).

As we all know, as bodybuilders, testosterone is a key hormone that stimulate muscle growth which means that a high testosterone level in your body will surely cause greater muscle gains and therefore optimize the relationship between bodybuilding and sex.

quiz-bodybuildingBodybuilding And Sex Performance

Obviously to give your best at the gym you’re going to need a healthy heart, a fighting immune system and also a clear mind. Well sex plays a role of yoga for bodybuilders because it doesn’t only burn calories but it helps stretching your muscles due to its movements that get your body moving in several ways.

Actually your heart should keep up with the rest of your body, if not you’ll never be able to reach that next level and also if you can’t overcome pain and stress you’ll never be competitive. So, in another way of saying, sex prepares your body for the gym, moreover it’s a motivator that makes you go to the gym, because becoming more sex appealing than before and feeling desired by the opposite sex is highly motivating.

Sex And Body Fat Level

We all want to get a ripped shredded body so our fat levels should be low enough. However, the leaner we get the more our libido levels drop.

This has a close connection with our subject bodybuilding and sex because, as I’ve already said, your body fat levels and the number of calories taken during the day affect directly your sex drive (libido) . Thus, if you’re on a low calories diet, cutting diet, don’t be surprised to see your libido levels drop down.

P.S: Don’t be worried or somehing because once you get back to eating normally your libido will get back to the normal range.

Sex After Or Before workout

When it comes to bodybuilding and sex, many of you have this question in mind: Should we have sex after or before working out?

Well, some researches have been done about bodybuilding and sex and have shown that the optimal moment to have sex is the first few hours after the workout, because the act of a sexual activity increases the activity of cells and therefore your body recovers faster.

Moreover, another subject that confuses bodybuilders when having sex is the ejaculation. Most of them think that they lose a lot of protein and a lot of energy when you have an orgasms. However, the reality is not that spooky, actually, the amount of consumed protein is 0.1 grams (a low amount that your body won’t notice) and the amount of burned energy is only 50 calories an easy to repair one.



To summarize the connection between bodybuilding and sex:

If you don’t get tired during the day you’re having sex and you can train normally the day after, there is no reason to limit your sex activity.
After having sex, try to sleep a little longer 9 to 10 hours.
Having sex after workout is great to build muscles faster.

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