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How to get the body you dream

Why do I have to eat 5 times per day?



Because we should do not get hungry! We know how we transform when we are hungry……!!!snickers
Take a Snickers !!!…. and all your work for one week will be lost… choose a Protein Bar for no regrets!!!


It is recommended that you eat every 3-4 hours because your stomach will be supplied with nutrients and constant is occupied with digestion. In this 3 hour between meals you do not get hungry. Your body transform nutrients into energy and no fatty deposits, therefore the food you eat is not submitted. It is important as it is possible to eat every day at the same time.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day which can help you lose weight. If you skip breakfast, your body slow your metabolism. Burning fat will slow down and any calorie will be transform in fat, not in energy.






Snacking between meals are very important to optimize your energy levels and control the sensation of hunger by providing constant resources for body and mind. It also maintain a constant blood glucose levels.






If you want to get the body you dream avoid you eat after 8 PM. If you want lose weight do not eat anything after 8 PM, because eating at late time it raises the body temperature and blood sugar levels. Exceptions are the days when you had late workout. Your muscles needs nutrients to rebuild and grow.
REMEMBER: Proper nutrition is the main factor whether you’ll lose weight or not.



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