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How to get the body you dream

When you can eat bad carbs


bad carb


We love sweets, we born with appetite for sweet, and when we try lose weight all most of the time we failed eating unhealthy sweets which provide us with bad carbs and bad fats. Everybody knows bad carbs are helping fat to be stored in ours tissues.

Carbohydrates provide your body with glucose it needs to function properly. All, with exception of unabsorbable fiber, carbohydrates are converted during digestion into smaller molecules of glucose, the essential source of energy used by every cell in the body.
Carbohydrates are mostly plant-based foods – fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes- with the exception of dairy products, which are animal-base carbohydrates.
Two types of carbohydrates exist: complex and simple carbohydrates exist. The body digest what is it given, but the output is different. Not all carbs are good.
Feed the body with simple carbs (like glucose and fructose) it is like you are downing “empty” calories that don’t have any nutritional value. Your body doesn’t work too hard to get glucose unleashed into the bloodstream. Also sugar extracted from fruits is no different than the sugar in candies, honey or brown sugar.

Eating fruits that’s a complex carb, you get worthy calories because they contain vitamins, minerals and fiber, nutrients that the body needs to perform properly. Some complex carbs are more beneficial than others.
Whole grains are not only more nutritious, they are digested more slowly and are less likely to cause a rush of glucose. Choose whole grains as oats, rye, millet, quinoa, whole wheat and brown rice.
White flour and white rice are complex carbs, but during processing, have had all the fibrous goodies stripped out.
What you should do to Avoid bad cabs?

  • Do not buy refined and processed foods;
  •  Read label to see quantity of added sugar;
  •  Avoid the lure of low-fat foods, which contain added sugar;
  •  Avoid the lure of low-carb foods, which sometimes have more calories from fat.

If all that you have read till now didn’t convince you bad carbs are not healthy, I will advise you to eat them on breakfast time.

Why at breakfast time?
When you wake up your body need to be refill with energy after of 8 hours of stand-by consuming energy. Ideally is to give him the best carbs, best fats and proteins, but we are humans and always we want what we can’t have….. Bad sweets, Bad fats. So I recommend to eat them at breakfast time, because your body during the 12 hours day will have enough time to transform them in energy and burn that energy.
Warring: That doesn’t mean you can have one full box of chocolate or one full plate of French fries….!!!
Proper nutrition should helping you to get and keep a normal body weight for a minimum 3-5 years. If you don’t succeed to change your body than a shorter period, then that means you failed, and the yo-yo effect will occur.

Correct nutrition


food pyramid



I will write down an example of proper nutrition for both boys and girls, with the difference that the values in brackets refer to the guys:
7:00 PM: 2 pancakes with Nutella (3 pancakes), or an ice cream/2 fruits, oatmeal (100 gr) with low fat milk (soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk) and 1 tbs honey, or low-fat yogurt with blueberries and honey, or 3 scrambles eggs with mushrooms and spinach fried with 1ts coconut oil;
10:00 PM: one fruit (2 fruits) recommended: pineapple, blueberries, strawberries, grapefruit and apples;
13:00 PM: a soup with 100 gr (200 gr) meat, and a half slice brown bread (2 slices), or 100 gr (200 gr) grilled steak with grilled onion, mushroom and arugula salad, or chicken breast (add spices for more taste: garlic powder, ginger, coriander, chili powder, curry powder) with non-fat Greek yogurt mixed with some casein protein and a cucumber salad;
17:00 PM: a little yogurt, or almonds, or protein bar, or protein shake, or fruit;
20:30 PM: 100 gr (200 gr) grilled lean meats (fish as cod, salmon, sea bass) or 80 gr (150 gr) low fat cottage cheese, 250 gr (350 gr) vegetable salad with 4 gr olive oil, 10 gr (15 gr) almonds.
As you’ve notice at breakfast time you can eat something what you like so much and you can’t stop eat them (a cake, a chocolate, pizza etc.)


The principle is: at breakfast you can have something sweet, fruits till lunch time, brown bread, meat, dairy and vegetable at lunch and dinner time.
Meat can be: turkey, chicken, fish or beef (no fat). Instead of meat you can have scramble eggs made from two whole eggs and one egg-white.
Healthy choose instead of sweets you can have 50 gr (75 gr) with 150 ml (250 ml) low fat milk or water where can add some blueberries and      1 tbs of honey.
Please do not eat processed food (ex. salami, sausages etc.). Do not eat animal’s fat as butter, sour cream, and feta cheese etc., not even processed vegetable fats as butteries.
By following these nutrition’s rules and training 3 times per week, you should lose between 0.5-1 kg weights per week, and you get the body you dream.



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