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IS Blood Type important when we are on diet?




Everybody has a different blood type which is determine your susceptibility for disease, which type of food is best for you and amount of effort you should do when you are training.

The Right Nutrition is energy essential key factor for our body which can boost our energy levels, calories burn efficiency, increase your emotional stress to hard work and way not your personality.

The connection between your diet and your blood type (whatever is for losing weight, gain weight or for your health) is critical if you want achieve your targets. There is not right or wrong diet is just wrong choices made based on your individual genetic code.

Diets which take into account a person’s blood type have not necessarily aimed with a weight loss, but it help you to boost your metabolism and eliminate toxic food from your diet. It is based on the presumption that the blood component for each individual react differently to lectins, a class of protein what is found in most foods. Many foods lectins have characteristics close to blood antigen that make it react against one to each other.

An example can be milk for type A blood which is digested in stomach by acid hydrolysis but lectin protein is resistant to this. So the lectin protein will stay intact and settles somewhere in your body cause different diseases.

This is why a type of diet worked for your friend and for you wasn’t help you at all or worst you gain some weight or you feel more tired than before start the diet.

According to research done by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo, author of ” Eat Right For Your Type” , 8 out of 10 people who change their diet habits taking into account the blood chemistry registering an improvement of general health condition.

Today are 4 blood type which are reflecting remarkable evolution of our ancestors. Our ancestors left each of us their blood blueprint, which exist in the nucleus of each cell.

Blood Type O

Type O: The Hunter

Is the oldest and most basic blood type, it belong to the first people which were very good hunters. Meat (protein) was their main food which was required enormous physical activity to procure.

Today as ours ancestor a diet base more on animal protein and high intense physical exercise help us to stay in shape and lose weight. Of course the success stay on quality of meat (lean, organic and free-range meats, poultry and fish).

Type O must be aware to the gluten reaction found in wheat-germ and whole-wheat products. The gluten will cause an insulin inhibition, slowing your metabolism rate.

Individuals with blood type O should get sweat when they workout. Recommended workouts are: treadmill, swimming, running, cycling  and not the last weight training.

Blood Type A

Type A: The Cultivator

The type A blood it belong to the first farmers, wherefore the agriculture and animal domestication were their main activity. This pass occur as a surviving necessity to adapt and increase resistant to infections.

The type A blood is the opposite to type O, while a high animal protein is recommended to O blood type to increase metabolism rate exactly opposite effect has on type A. Type A have low stomach acid content which is suitable more to a vegetarian diet. For type A is not recommended animal protein (special red meat) as this will be stored as fat, also dairy food has hard digestion and provoke insulin reaction slowing your metabolism. If you can’t live without meat is better to choose from highly beneficial one as: chicken and turkey. 

Recommended exercise for type A are like:  martial arts, golf, cycling, swimming, dancing, aerobics.

Blood typeB

Type B: Balance

Blood type B has origin from nomad people which main activity was agrarian and domesticating animals, so their diet was based on meat and dairy products. Type B diet should be a balanced between best animal protein and vegetables. A type B diet will have lamb, mutton, rabbit, venison, cottage cheese, goat’s cheese, kefir as highly beneficial animal protein and aubergines, beetroots, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, sweet potatoes, pepper as vegetables.

As type O the B type blood should be aware to the gluten reaction found in wheat-germ and whole-wheat products. The gluten will cause an insulin inhibition, slowing your metabolism rate.

Recommended exercise for type B are those which keep body and mine in balance as: tennis, martial arts, swimming, golf, weight training, yoga.


Blood type AB

Type AB: The Modern

Blood type AB it is belong to the modern time, is rare and biologically complex. Type AB blood should be careful with their food choices, if you want weight loos consumption of meat must be restricted as this will be stored as fat in your tissues. If you still are a big fan of meat at list choose from highly beneficial one as: lamb, mutton, rabbit and turkey.

Recommended exercise for type AB are like: aikido, golf, cycling, swimming,dance, yoga.

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